2019 Fall Saturday 'Your Choice'

The Spirit of Curling

      Curling is a game of skill and of tradition. A shot well executed is a delight to see and it is also a fine thing to observe the time-honored traditions of curling being applied in the true spirit of the game. Curlers play to win, but never to humble their opponents. A true curler never attempts to distract opponents, nor to prevent them from playing their best, and would prefer to lose rather than to win unfair. Curlers never knowingly break a rule of the game, nor disrespect any of its traditions. Should they become aware that this has been done inadvertently, they will be the first to divulge the breach. While the main object of the game of curling is to determine the relative skill of the players, the spirit of curling demands good sportsmanship, kindly feeling and honorable conduct. This spirit should influence both the interpretation and the application of the rules of the game and also the conduct of all participants on and off the ice.

The Rules:

The 2019-2020 USCA Rules of Curling and Competition (Section 1 – Rules of Curling) will govern play, except as noted below.

Team Rules:

Protests:  Any protests must be made in written form to the league chairperson within seventy-two (72) hours following the conclusion of the game. The league chairperson shall determine decisions first on disputes within forty-eight (48) hours after receiving the protest in writing.The league chairperson must notify both skips and the licc board of the decision at the first available opportunity.  Any appeals of decisions by the league chairperson shall be elevated to the league oversight chairperson within forty-eight (48) hours of receiving the league chairperson’s decision. The league oversight chairperson along with a minimum 2 league oversight committee members or licc board members shall decide appeals within five (5) business days after the appeal is received. the league oversight chairperson must notify both skips of its decision at the first available opportunity. this decision is final. 

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