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  1. Annual Membership Fee Category: Good for a year; select it, and you'll ONLY be charged on the next page if this is up for renewal this season! And:
  2. League Selection: You may choose one or more leagues!  Each has its own fee.
If you submit, and believe your total may be incorrect, submit anyway to reserve your spot, then let us know.  We'll look into it and help you out.

League Curling


A Full Member has all benefits of membership in the LICC, the Grand National Curling Club, and the US Curling Association. Valid for one year, Full Membership allows you to:

  • Join leagues (per-league fee required).
  • Spare in any league.
  • Participate in all LICC, GNCC, and USCA activities.

Select your fee, then select league options below that.

Fee Options:

  • $150(+Tax) - Experienced Curler - a current or prior member of, or participant in, any curling organization.
  • $75(+Tax) - New Curler - Curler with no prior experience, in first year, or considered a "new curler" by association rules.

Select membership type, then select league(s) for this season - or "SPARE ONLY" if not playing in a league.

If your membership is current, you will NOT be charged this fee; just league.

NO ADDL FEE - Register here if you do not plan to play in a league, but want to be available to spare.
 Please ensure that your "Years Curling Experience" is accurate above - "0" for first year, "5" for sixth year, etc.

Special Membership Options


An Associate Member may NOT play or spare in leagues.

Associate membership includes all other benefits of membership in the Long Island Curling Club, the GNCC, and USA Curling. You can play in club bonspiels and "friendlies," take part in practice sessions, and join any club social events. As members of those curling associations, you can play in bonspiels as well.

Associate Member Fee: $75 (plus Nassau County Sales Tax)

Registration Discount Options

Learn to Curl Rebate

This is a ONCE-LIFETIME rebate for new curlers. If you have used it in any prior season, you may not use it again.  If you're not sure, ask us.

Select this discount ONLY if:

  • You have attended a LEARN TO CURL session in Summer 2018 or later, AND
  • You have NOT yet taken your $25 discount in a prior season.

If you're not sure, then go ahead and register, but do NOT proceed with payment. Let us know, and we'll check for you. If you haven't used it yet, we'll apply it to your total, then update your balance due. 

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